Period Education and Bagging Program


Free Flow NM supports the awareness of systemic inequities both on the individual and community level. We provide this program to schools, organizations, and businesses. The goal is to educate students and others about periods and period poverty before having them create 100-period kits that can be used in their school/organization (if needed) or distributed to others in their community. The schools will have the option of organizing a period product drive for the items they will be bagging. If the schools do not have the resources, our grant partner ensures the provision of necessary supplies.

This program serves as a platform for raising awareness about the menstrual cycle and its associated challenges, particularly period poverty, which often remains an unspoken personal struggle. While affected individuals may be aware of these challenges, educators and community members may not fully grasp the extent of the issue.

Our mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding this topic through open dialogue. By involving individuals in the assembly of period kits, they actively contribute to addressing this issue within their community, fostering a profound sense of empowerment and connection.