Our Programs

Period poverty means millions of individuals with periods are subjected to injustice and inequity due to menstruation. There is no federal program that assists with the costs of period products. EBT, WIC, SNAP do not cover menstrual products; they are considered luxury items. Consequently, 1 in 3 low-income menstruators report missing work, school, or similar events due to inadequate access to period supplies. By providing period products to low-income individuals, Free Flow NM aims to bridge this gap, enabling them to remain engaged in their careers, education, sports, and other activities.

General Distribution

300-period kits are created monthly and distributed in collaboration with more than 50 community organizations.

Period Pods

Access to period kits is available 24/7 at four locations across Santa Fe. Distributing over 400 period kits every month…

Reusable Period Products

Every recipient of a period kit also receives an offer for complimentary reusable products, including period cups, period underwear, and
reusable pads.

Special Education and Reusable Period Products

Discovering suitable menstrual products can significantly impact individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions…

Period Education + Bagging

We provide this program to schools, organizations, and businesses. The goal is to educate students and others about periods and period poverty before having them create 100-period kits.

Period Products in Classrooms

Providing period products to teachers ensures convenient accessibility for students in the classroom.