Teacher’s Program


We all had that one favorite teacher who made us feel at ease in school. Now, Free Flow NM is collaborating with these teachers to ensure period products are readily available in their classrooms. We provide a package of supplies containing a variety of tampons, pads, and liners for them to place in a drawer or open basket. It’s crucial that every student has access to period products that suit their individual needs.

“Our students feel so much more comfortable coming to a teacher than to administration.  Thank you for your generosity.  This program has built so much trust with my students, and they know I am always there when they need me.  We all greatly appreciate Free Flow!”

– Tammy Anaya – Santa Fe High School Teacher

House Bill 134 (HB134) was passed by the New Mexico legislature in 2023 and mandates the provision of free period products in public elementary, middle, and high schools starting in the fall of 2024. Despite the assumption that our work with students is now redundant, this is not the case. While HB134 marks progress, its implementation reveals significant gaps that need to be addressed by Free Flow NM.

• Summer, winter, and spring breaks are not covered by HB134.

• Nights and weekends are not covered, and after-school out-of-school programs are also excluded from HB134 provisions.

• Uncertainty surrounds the quality of the products provided under HB134, with cheap or commercial-grade products potentially causing leakage.

• The bill fails to encompass all necessary period products for students, leaving many undersupplied for their specific flow needs, body types, and activities.

• Schools have autonomy in selecting which period products to distribute (pads and/or tampons). However, if a school chooses not to provide tampons, many athletes may encounter difficulties participating in sports while menstruating.

• Colleges are not included in HB134, leaving 1 out of 5 college students vulnerable to period poverty.

In navigating the landscape shaped by House Bill 134 (HB134), Free Flow NM recognizes the enduring challenges and gaps that persist despite the strides made in menstrual equity. While the mandate to provide free period products in schools is commendable, the bill’s limitations leave significant aspects unaddressed. Free Flow NM remains committed to bridging these gaps and ensuring comprehensive access to period products for all individuals, encompassing diverse needs, circumstances, and settings.

Let’s work together to make sure everyone has what they need when it comes to menstrual health!