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Do you need period products and are you unable to make it to a giveaway or a distribution point?

If you live within the city of Santa Fe… Fill out the product request form below and we will drop off a 3-months supply to your place of residence or another meeting place.

Period Pods

Period Pods are similar to Little Libraries seen throughout communities. Instead of free-standing stations distributing books, our Pods contain bags of period products that are free and accessible to anyone in the community.

Thank you Nusenda Community Awards for funding the first Period Pod!

Artist: Miraj Bukhari-Frayer @Alacrity4life

Location: ReUnity Community Cupboard                   1829 San Ysidro Crossing, Santa Fe, NM 87507




Period Pod

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Product Request Form

Reach out to us and let us know how many people you are requesting for and a way to contact you.